Dive Boat Diversity


Sunstar Aquatic Services invites you to explore the diverse, beautiful, underwater paradise of Southeast Florida in a very unique. and personal way.

Our 30` foot Island Hopper dive boat “DIVERSITY”
caters to groups up to 15.

We have over 30 different reefs to dive ranging from 20` to 130`. With some different “tech reefs” past 130`. We also have over 15 different wrecks ranging from 20` to 130`. Our longest boat ride to these great dives is no longer than 40 minutes from our docks; and the average trip is 30 minutes! Our dock is right across from a bird sanctuary, where Florida’s spectacular wildlife can be seen. Manatees, wild parrots, blue herons and the occasional alligator. When you sit on our dock it is like going back in time and seeing “Old Florida” the way it was before buildings and cement took the place of mangroves and wild flowers.